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Behind the kennel prefix you will find Anne-Katrin Hansen and Kjell Arne Jensen. We are living at the beautiful country side near Tromsø. We have the ocean the and high mountains right outside the door. In the summer time we have the midnight sun, and in the winter time the most spectacular northern light Besides the dog shows we enjoy nice trips with our auto camper together with good friends.

Our kennel prefix was approved in 2011. Our first dog was a Chihuahua and then a Pradsky Krysatik moved in. In 2013 we meet the first Griffon ever, and we fell in love with the breed right away! Luckily we meet Birgitta Friman too. A well known Swedish breeder for many years. Despite long distances we was in touch all the way by meeting at dog shows and by phone. The year of 2015 was a happy year. Cayafa´s Ninya moved in with us in august! Today we have 3 Petit Brabancons.